Getting Started

We understand that shipping by rail has a bit of a learning curve, but we’re here to make it easy.

How do you order railcars? How long will they take to arrive? How much product can a railcar hold? How long do you have to load and unload them? Can you track your rail shipment like a package?

Those are just some of the questions you may have, but our experience in the industry will help answer those and any others.

First, however, the most important things we’ll need to know are:

- The commodities you are shipping

- The amount you are shipping (generally in tons, or truckloads)

- The origin of the shipment

- The destination of the shipment

- Seasonality of your shipments

- Your infrastructure and service needs

- The party responsible for paying the freight

With this information we can fully evaluate what it will take to meet your shipping needs, and project the rates for doing so.

Carload Freight

Carload rail service is an economical and green alternative to truckload service. A typical boxcar can hold up to four truckloads of your freight.

Not Rail Served?

Is your shipping location not directly served by rail? We’re happy to discuss using our transload terminals at Federalsburg and Bishop to meet your needs, or explore the possibility of opening a new terminal depending on the opportunity.

With our knowledge of warehousing and transload options nationwide, we can give you door-to-door service to and from non-rail served points. The service will include the economic benefits of rail transportation, and will also utilize other modes of transportation to help reduce your costs.

More Flexibility

Since we’re a shortline railroad, we can be more creative, dynamic and aggressive than larger companies when it comes to meeting your transportation needs.

Contact us today so that we can collectively consider every possible option to bring you the economic benefits of shipping by rail.


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System Map

View our railroad and our connections to see how we can start serving you!

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Our Connections

Long-haul Shipments

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Townsend, DE

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Seaford, DE

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Frankford, DE

Intra-Delmarva Shipments

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Townsend, DE

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Seaford, DE

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Frankford, DE