Frequently Asked Questions

Your railroad runs by my place of business. Can I load (or unload) railcars right here by my business?

The main tracks of our railroad are rarely used to load or unload any railcars. To be rail served, you either need your own rail siding, or otherwise must secure access to another rail siding or transload location.

I am interested in shipping or receiving by rail, but can you help me get started?

First, please review our Getting Started page. After that, please contact one of our marketing professionals to address your questions and see what we can do to assist.

Can you tell me how much it costs to ship from Point A to Point B?

Like other shipping rates, railroad rates vary between different origins and destinations. While some rates may be readily available, others may require a more derailed analysis. Please contact us for more information.

My business is not directly served by rail. Can I still ship or receive by rail?

Yes! Transload and multi-modal shipments are an every day part of our business. Contact one of our marketing professionals to discuss using a transload facility near you.

I don’t ship full railcar quantities. Does rail ship partial loads (less than carload)?

It is seldom economical to ship partial loads by rail, however it can be made economical by transload and storage solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Can you help me find property for a rail siding or my new rail-served business?

Yes! Our railroad adjoins properties with development potential, as well as developed properties looking for new ownership or additional development. We regularly work with real estate agents and brokers to match properties along our railroad with the needs of their clients. Contact us so that we can understand your requirements, and we’ll go to work finding the property you need.

Still have questions? Contact us, we’re here to help!


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Our Connections

Long-haul Shipments

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Townsend, DE

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Seaford, DE

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Frankford, DE

Intra-Delmarva Shipments

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Townsend, DE

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Seaford, DE

Delmarva Central (DCR) - Frankford, DE