The Challenge

Spanning from rural America to the heart of our country’s largest cities, the task of keeping a railroad secure can be quite challenging. Beyond general trespassing, where people use the railroad as a walking path from place to place, vandalism to locomotives, freight cars, buildings, signal equipment, grade crossings and general theft of tools and materials are just some of the common threats to keeping a railroad safe and secure.

Security Training

Meeting all federal and state standards, our employees are provided comprehensive security training, which reviews general security guidelines, protection of sensitive information, property access and security, en route security and other potential security threats. In addition, MDDE performs a continuous risk assessment process to determine and minimize exposures throughout our network.

Public Support

We are thankful for the support of the citizens of the states in which we operate, and for their reporting of problems on or along our railroad. The combined effort of those citizens, local and state law enforcement and our employees helps keep our network safe and secure.

Policy on Trespassing

Regarding trespassers, The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company has a very strict “No Trespassing” policy for property owned or operated by our railroad, especially in switching yards, terminals and industrial areas. Railroads are quite simply a dangerous place, and trespassers only increase the dangers for our employees, our customers and our communities. Those desiring access to property owned or operated by MDDE are encouraged to contact our Legal Department to obtain the proper Liability Release or Right of Entry Permit.


Safety Contacts

All Emergencies (24-7)

855-854-6333 (Toll-free)

Sam Pate

General Manager

410-754-5735 Ext. 101

Email Sam