Safety at The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company

Employees. Customers. Communities.

At The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company, the safety of our employees, customers and communities is paramount.

We want our employees to come to work, perform their required job duties, and return home safely to their families and friends. We believe no job is ever to be done unless it can be done safely, and our employees are continuously encouraged to evaluate our work processes and help refine them to lessen exposures.

We are a critical lifeline and service to our customers, and our commitment to safe practices and processes when working on or around their property is as strong as that of their own employees.

We want our trains to safely pass through the cities, towns and rural areas we serve as we quietly play our role in the daily harmony of those communities.

Culture of Safety, Culture of Cooperation

As ambassadors of railroad safety, we understand the improvement of safety is an ongoing process that involves constantly enhancing operating practices and upgrading the physical plant. Our management has decades of experience working with employees, customers, communities, as well as federal and state agencies in those regards.

While MDDE frequently wins the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association “Jake” safety award for having no reportable injuries, we don’t believe safety is a competition; rather, safety is a way of life.

Our goal: Zero accidents, zero injuries, ever.

We fully cooperate with federal and state authorities on safety audits (inspections). With the assistance of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration, we have refined our required safety programs to meet and exceed federal standards. Currently, there are more than two dozen such programs with which we are responsible for compliance. To aid in the continuous audit, inspection and refinement of these programs and standards, we have trail blazed new technology that allows the FRA and other federal agencies to access and audit our programs and records without having to visit our offices or exchange mail or email. We believe this kind of transparency will enhance the environment in which our employees work, and in which our trains operate.


Safety Contacts

All Emergencies (24-7)

855-854-6333 (Toll-free)

Sam Pate

General Manager

410-754-5735 Ext. 101

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