Valuation Map Requests

In many cases, Railroad Valuation Maps are available to assist utilities, contractors, surveyors, or others requiring Right-of-Way access or information. In order to provide the correct map for your need, it will be necessary to identify the rail line name, and the approximate milepost location. You can find the required data by using the link below to download the information in Google Earth KML format.

Download MDDE KML File

In general, electronic (PDF) copies of valuation maps can be obtained for a fee of $50 per page. Paper copies are available for a fee of $100 per page.

Maps will be copied and supplied to requestor within two weeks of receipt of payment. In the event the map sheet requested is not available, payment will be returned.

To request a valuation map sheet, submit the fully completed Valuation Map Request Form with the appropriate payment to:

The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company

Attn: Cathrin Banks - President and General Counsel

106 Railroad Avenue

Federalsburg, MD 21632