Worker Protection

If required by Federal law based on the scope of the temporary access to, or the work being performed on, railroad property, The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company (MDDE) will assign an inspector and/or roadway worker in charge (which can sometimes be a “Flagman”) to observe work and/or provide the required protections for workers against rail movements. The cost of inspectors and/or roadway workers in charge will be billed to the party requesting temporary access, or in the event of a license agreement or lease agreement, the licensee or lessee. Such costs will be advised in advance at the time a temporary entry permit, lease agreement or license agreement is drafted.

Generally, workers or equipment within 25 feet of railroad tracks, or those that have potential to foul the track at any time, will require protection. This will be determined based on the information contained in your application, and you will be advised of this at such time the application is approved.

MDDE requires the following information to plan, price and bill for worker protection:

- Company Name of Party Occupying Railroad Property

- Contact Name of Person Occupying Railroad Property (or Supervisor in the event of multiple people)

- Contact Telephone number of Person Occupying Railroad Property

- Contact Email address of Person Occupying Railroad Property

- Billing Contact Name for MDDE’s Billing Invoice

- Billing Contact Telephone number

- Billing Contact Email address

- Billing Address for MDDE’s Billing Invoice

- Internal Project Reference Number/Name of Company Occupying Railroad Property

- Estimated Commencement Date and Duration of Project

Worker protection cost is estimated at $100 per day, but will be advised at such time your application is approved. MDDE requires a 100 percent (100%) deposit for the estimated total worker protection cost. If the actual worker protection cost exceeds the deposit, then the appropriate party will be invoiced for additional costs. Any overpaid deposit funds will be refunded to the appropriate party by MDDE.

Once MDDE receives the deposit for worker protection, you will be provided a MDDE supervisor’s contact information (including email address). To schedule or request worker protection, please contact the MDDE supervisor at the provided email address at least five (5) working days in advance of the requested date(s). MDDE’s policy is to provide worker protection when the railroad's workforce and workload allows.