Site Preparation

We understand there is a big difference between a site and a farm. By following a standard process in site selection, design, and construction, we can help you take an industrial development site and turn it into a rail-served facility.

Below is what to expect of The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company when working with us to develop your rail-served site.

Viability Analysis

We’ll discuss your initial needs, as outlined on our Getting Started page, and perform an initial rate analysis to develop an understanding of your expected costs.


In finding a suitable rail-served facility to meet your needs, we’ll evaluate the following:

Land – Cost of purchase/lease, zoning requirements, restrictions, topography

Utilities – Availability, capacity and projected costs

Transportation – Access to major highways, rivers, ports and railroads

Incentives – Local, state or regional economic development agencies and programs

Other – This is the time to evaluate any other concerns or questions

Design and Estimate

Our management team has won awards for their work with Norfolk Southern Industrial Development, which is our partner in initial site design. Following an on-site meeting with Norfolk Southern, we’ll work on your behalf to design rail infrastructure that minimizes the railroad footprint on your land and meets your service and capacity needs. Once the design is complete, you will have the necessary information to obtain construction estimates for your project.

Side Track Agreement

A Side Track Agreement is an agreement between your company and our serving railroad to address, among other things, the maintenance responsibilities, insurance and indemnification requirements, and the allocation of liability.


We do not perform siding construction work for, or on behalf of, our shippers. You may use your own preferred, qualified railroad contractor for your rail infrastructure construction, or we can provide you a list of experienced, qualified companies who perform those services.

Questions? Contact us, we’re here to help!


System Map

View our railroad and our connections to see how we can start serving you!

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Industrial Development Contacts

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Presdent and General Counsel

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Vice President

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